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A Virtual Gathering Space for Transformation and Global Support

Zechariah 13:9

The Remnant embodies a journey of transformation, drawing inspiration from the profound message of Zechariah 13:9. Like silver and gold refined through fire, we too are shaped and strengthened by our life’s experiences and challenges.


“And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call upon my name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God.'”

The Remnant embodies a journey of transformation, drawing inspiration from the profound message of Zechariah 13:9. Like silver and gold refined through fire, we too are shaped and strengthened by our life’s experiences and challenges.

Our mission is to forge and prepare individuals to be part of God’s Remnant, destined to make a lasting impact on the world. Through this online space, we come together to sharpen our minds and spirits, and encourage each other towards acts of kindness and service.

The vision of The Remnant Cafe is to engage in some of the most demanding missions, including offering support to nations in turmoil, especially such as Israel during this time of conflict. This virtual cafe serves as a beacon of hope and a sustainable source of support for these missions. By purchasing coffee through our platform, individuals, ministries, and businesses directly contribute to funding our programs and extending our reach to those in need.

As marketplace leaders, we deliberate on how best to utilize our resources – time, talent, treasure, influence, and networks – for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Each member contributes vital wisdom and insight, enriching our collective experience in business, family, marriage, and spiritual growth.

Our commitment is to create a T.E.A.M. environment, characterized by Transparency, Encouragement, Accountability, and Motivation, even in this digital realm. This commitment is pivotal not only to our personal development, but also in ensuring we diligently fulfill our roles and responsibilities within our communities.

The Remnant Cafe is more than just an virtual coffee shop; it’s a crucible for transformation and a hub for global mobilization, inspired by Zechariah 13:9. Here, every virtual interaction and coffee purchase supports a greater cause, aiding our brothers and sisters globally, as we all strive to live out God’s divine plan.

Join us in this sacred digital space, where every sip is a step towards fulfilling God’s work in the marketplace and beyond.

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Our Goals and Vision

Imagine this scene for a moment… A large army of men that are resolved, highly trained, disciplined, motivated, and supported by the greatest kingdom the world has ever seen. Does this conjure up in your mind a scene from Braveheart or another great movie? For us, it describes the goal for The Remnant Café.

Creation is waiting with eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Will they be revealed when Christ returns? Yes. Can the reveal begin now? Yes. As ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, we have the backing of the greatest King the world has ever seen. The opportunity to take back his territory lies before us. Will you join us in answering the call?

Who We Are

Let us be real with you for a moment. We could try to impress you with a list of worldly accomplishments and accolades, for which we hold a few. But let me ask you something, does it really matter? What matters is this, we are a team that love Jesus and have committed to  you and that we will not leave the you behind as we fight the battle… after all, that is the heartbeat of The Remnant Café.

We have been on this journey with Christ for nearly 70 years. In that time we have made our share of mistakes, but we have learned to get back up and remain faithful to the journey. We feel called to come alongside the next generation to carry the banner with even greater purpose, power and resolve.

Our Story

It is crazy how life can introduce us to our greatest friends. Our leadership met on a collegiate football field pursuing football officiating as an avocation. What we didn’t realize at the time is that we would spend nearly every weekend in the fall together, for the next three years. This crazy game of football created a friendship that was later forged by our mutual pursuit of Jesus.

Years later, we have discovered that the calling that God has put on our lives is aligned together and extends far beyond the football field and into the area of developing men. Not in a churchy, religious way, but in a transparent, life-altering, power-filled way…the way we were originally intended to live. We believe that we were created for such a time as this. Creation is waiting…

A Power Couple in Business, Ministry, & Leadership

Jeff and Sherri represent a remarkable synergy of business acumen, leadership, and spiritual guidance. With a combined experience of over 60 years in business and marketing, they have made significant strides in both the professional sports industry and beyond.

Jeff, with over 25 years of experience, began his career in the professional sports industry before feeling a divine call to use his business knowledge for a greater purpose. This led him to Denver, Colorado, where he developed a discipleship and mentoring program designed to unite, develop, and mobilize leaders globally. As the Executive Director of The Remnant, he has ministered to thousands, teaching the principles of a Kingdom-driven life in the marketplace, government, and home. He is also the author of “Adopted: A Decision to Love,” reflecting his deep commitment to faith and family.

Sherri’s journey in the professional sports industry is equally impressive. With over 35 years of experience, she began her career with the Dallas Mavericks, followed by a pivotal role as the Director of Dallas Cowboys Sales at KVIL. Her entrepreneurial spirit shone through when she started her own sports marketing business in Dallas. After moving to Houston, Sherri opened a retail business and discovered her passion for design, which culminated in founding Divine Home and Office in Denver – an award-winning interior design company recognized by Castle Pines from 2018-2021.

In addition to her business endeavors, Sherri serves as the Chairman of the Board for Groundwire, a national Christian organization that successfully leads thousands to Christ annually through innovative social media outreach.

Together, Jeff and Sherri have been a formidable team for 31 years of marriage, currently residing in Denver, Colorado, with their two children, Lindsey and Peter. Their life and work are testaments to their dedication to faith, leadership, and community, making them a true inspiration to those around them and integral to the vision and mission of The Remnant

Remnant is the foundation for my faith. It confirms the platform God has given me to profess that faith to others. It is a Kingdom ministry; it is my church, and has allowed me to grow in the Word with other men of like mind and purpose. I cherish the time I spend in our Remnant meetings, and God has truly blessed me and my family for this time commitment. I am all in.

George R. Hanlon Jr.

Principal, WSP Companies, LLC

Without a doubt, The Remnant has significantly impacted my life in many ways and brought me stability in an uncertain world. I have found invaluable community, fellowship with godly men, influential spiritual mentors, and deep friendships. Jeff’s insightful teaching continues to challenge me and encourage my personal walk with Christ. Remnant guides me with Biblical Truth in a world that is so confusing and backward.

I will forever be grateful for this group of men and the ways it has made me a better man, father, husband, and leader.

Ashton Tucker

Artscapes Landscape

The Remnant has had multiple impacts on my life. To start, when I wasn’t going to The Remnant for a period of time, I missed it, and I could feel it. When I could come back, I thought to myself, “I can’t NOT do this.” I only have a few things in life that sit in that place, and Remnant holds that place firmly in my heart.

The Remnant impacts my faith journey, me as a person both professionally and personally, my wife and my girls. When I come to The Remnant, I learn things that I don’t learn anywhere else. I’m exposed to a deep and rich truth it was a church service on steroids (the good kind of steroids, if there is such a thing 😉 ).

The community at The Remnant is unlike any other community. It is guys who have a deep faith walk but also have a pursuit of family, business, and healthy living. These are my guys,, and these are the guys I want to spend time with.

And then there is Hutch. Hutch is my mentor and one that I am blessed to have. There is no one like Hutch in my life. He is ever constant, ever challenging (in a positive way), and someone who pushes the boundary of my faith journey. He is someone that I can say has changed my life and changed it for the better.

If you haven’t heard this from the above, I’ll say it plainly. The Remnant is unlike anything that I’ve ever been to and is an essential part of my life.

Thomas Pasque

Scale At Speed Agency

My spiritual journey as a believer has grown significantly since joining The Remnant. Each month, we are privileged to receive God’s word in a deep-dive study format that explains Jesus’s teachings. The faith-based biblical knowledge we receive is invaluable to guide us through this temporal world and prepare for what is ahead. By studying and receiving a clear understanding of His word, a veil has been lifted from my eyes so I can see the path that Jesus has prepared us for. I am more confident and willing to share my faith with others. The privilege of being surrounded by a group of men who are fellow believers in everyday life and business is powerful and encouraging and provides a wonderful network. My armor is in place for what challenges me every day.

Tony Dunning

The Remnant has provided a Christ-centered core by which I can live my life. As we pursue our relationship with Christ, we are strengthened by others seeking similar paths. The relationships and teachings are so deep and valuable….I have never experienced anything close to what we receive in The Remnant. Simply put – The Remnant helps me be a better man, husband, father, and son to our King – Jesus Christ!

Mark Massey

Adopted: A Decision to Love

A young family has no idea of the journey that is before them when they decide to adopt a small boy. Visions, dreams, hopes and expectations all hang in the balance as they add a new life to their seemingly stable family. Then one day, everything changes. The expected disappears and the unexpected becomes a new reality as a father wrestles through raising a boy who refuses to be a son. He could never have imagined all that lie in wait for him. For through this boy and the help of an unlikely mentor, he discovers his true identity and ultimately unlocks a new purpose for his life.